What our students say

I never thought that I would enjoy online learning, I always thought that I would need to be in a classroom to learn productively. I am happy to say that this was not the case, I have progressed immensely and I find my lessons really productive. My mindset towards online learning has definitely changed.

Alice Baker​​

I am a visual learner and I always like to see how things are done. My teachers have always made the lessons fun with lots of pictures and graphs. Having visuals in the lessons has allowed me to grasp the topics. Also it makes learning fun.

Amelia Roberts​​​​

I really like the fact that I have a support group, I am able to consolidate my learning and ask questions on topics that I need the additional help in. I feel like I can ask my teachers anything and they will always be there to help me.

William Davies​​

Since joining iVA I have been more confident in my learning, so much so that I have now started competing in maths competitions. I never would have imagined to do that, but my teachers have inspired me and instilled confidence in me to join. I never thought my journey in learning maths would have taken me here, and I am so glad that I did. This is all thanks to my teachers, who take time and effort to help me in and out of the lesson.

Samuel Johnson​​

I always look forward to my online classes, I always learn new things. Even when we are recapping the same topic I am able to add on to my learning and stretch myself in that topic. I do not feel nervous near assessments or exams anymore, I always feel equipped and ready to project the learning and skills that I have developed.

Edward Carter​​

Since joining iVA I have been able to understand exam techniques a lot better. I was previously overwhelmed with the thought of having an assessment or exam. I have gained a good understanding in exam techniques and also grasped time management adequately which has in return helped me get the grade I want.

Alexander Williams​​

The tutoring academy’s assistance is extremely beneficial. We have additional classes available upon request, as well as several self-study groups. Each teacher is available to answer questions.

Olivia Smith​​

iVA is THE BEST CHOICE FOR ANYONE WHO WISHES TO LEARN IN A DYNAMIC MANNER. It is adaptable, modern, and always receptive to new ideas. I truly feel like every decision made is student centred and that makes me feel very empowered.

Grace Mitchell​​

I’ve been taking Physics classes at iVA for a while now. I can honestly say that they have improved me in a variety of ways. Our classes are very effective. In our lessons, we do a lot of experiments and problem solving and I have access to all of the resources at any time. This is quite beneficial to improve the understanding of topics. We can ask questions anytime. As a result of this course, both my interest in Physics and my academic success grew. In this aspect,I consider myself really lucky. I’d like to thank each and every one of my teachers.

Emma Green​​

For the last one and a half (1.5) years, I’ve been attending iVA for Mathematics classes. Our lessons are very enjoyable and effective. It used to be one of the most challenging subjects for me, but that is no longer the case. My self-confidence grew as a result of my progress, and the barriers between me and Mathematics disappeared. I’m glad I chose iVA. I can’t express how grateful I am to my teachers.

Florence Bennett​

This year, I chose iVA for online studying. This decision has pleased my entire family. I’ve received numerous benefits. I’m satisfied and happy. I eagerly anticipate new assignments. I thoroughly prepare for each subject. All of the courses are engaging and of high quality. I complete tasks on schedule, which allows me to spend more time doing things I enjoy, like socialising. I want to tell everyone about this type of education. Every new day at iVA inspires me.

Victoria Evans​​

Studying at iVA is an excellent opportunity for me. I love playing sports and I’m glad this tutoring academy supports my passion alongside studies. My parents are also happy about the tutoring academy programme.

Christopher Wright​​

It’s the best online tutoring programme for students who want to learn dynamically from their homes. The online portal is super easy to use and we can access the recorded lessons at any time. Also, the teachers are so friendly and helpful. They explain all the concepts clearly and answer our questions both during and after the class.

Henry Taylor​

The teachers at iVA are amazing – they keep you engaged for the whole lesson and they keep it fun while also ensuring that the students learn. I love it!

Rupert Jenkins​​

All of the teachers work hard to make their students enjoy the subjects they normally didn’t feel comfortable with, and even if they did, the teachers still help with entertaining students in a good enough way while ensuring that they are still understanding and learning. For example, my maths teacher is the best teacher I’ve had in my opinion because she kept me entertained and helped me change my grades in a positive way . iVA is something different! It helps you learn in a way that everyone enjoys, it is a pleasant place to be for everyone including you and me! I surely recommend trying it out.

Frederick Harris​​

The teachers working with iVA are great, they help you when you are struggling and have a lot of experience teaching students of all ages. They keep their lessons fun while ensuring that you learn the material. It is a great tutoring academy and I would recommend it to anyone!

Charles Bennett​

I think the teachers working at iVA are really brilliant. They are very engaging and encouraging and I always look forward to joining the lessons, sometimes more than the actual subject I learn in school! My maths teacher in iVA is my favourite and the best maths teacher I’ve ever had. She makes me like the subject a lot and keeps me motivated to learn!

Benjamin Thompson

I have enjoyed all my lessons with my teachers as I have learned so much from them, I feel so much more confident in maths now. The student platform that I use is straightforward, My teacher always delivers an engaging lesson.

Matilda James​