Journalism: Content Creation and Storytelling

The Journalism: Content Creation and Storytelling course recognizes the evolving landscape of journalism, where modern journalists must be proficient multimedia storytellers.

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This course equips students with the skills necessary for effective multimedia storytelling. They will learn to tell compelling stories through various mediums including video, photography, creative writing, and graphic design. Students will also gain a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving media landscape, preparing them to thrive in a rapidly changing field. They will develop the ability to craft news articles that resonate with readers in the digital age and create engaging multimedia content that captures the audience’s attention. Additionally, students will excel in long-form features, delving deep into complex subjects through the art of in-depth journalism. Strategies for engaging diverse audiences across various digital platforms, from social media to online publications, will also be explored. This course offers a holistic approach to modern journalism, preparing students for success in today’s multimedia-driven industry.


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Starting From: £20.00